Jonathan Spadaccini (M.Ost)

The Village OsteopathBembridge

An Isle of Wight based, friendly and dedicated osteopath, with your health and wellbeing my priority.

About Osteopathy

Osteopaths are highly trained specialists who use their hands to help you back to health and wellbeing and away from joint, muscle and activity-related aches, pains and stiffness.

We are manual therapists who use a range of hands-on techniques and exercises to improve your movement, reduce tensions in your body and optimise your function.

We take time to listen to your individual circumstances and tailor the treatment and advice to you and your unique history and circumstances. We work closely with other healthcare professionals and will refer you on when necessary, to ensure you receive the optimum care required.

People visit osteopaths for a wide-range of reasons, including aches, pains and stiffness, nerve pain such as sciatica, digestive and circulatory complaints, headaches and sport/activity related pain and injury.

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About Me

Being an osteopath and helping people back to health is a real privilege and a daily joy for me. Each day and every patient is different and being able to spend time with you - to really get to the heart of the issue and work with you for long-term recovery is the greatest reward.

I have had a long career in healthcare, including nearly 20 years in the NHS working as a hand and wrist specialist in occupational therapy, dealing with overuse injuries, sports-related problems and post-op rehabilitation. As a result, I really understand what it means not to be able to do the things you want and need to do and how limiting that can be.

I work with you to address the problem, but also look at why it’s a problem now, what has led to it happening and what things are stopping it from getting better. With your input and consent, I use a range of manual techniques such as stretching, articulations, massage, exercise and joint manipulations to help manage and improve your symptoms and look at strategies you can use for long-term change.

When I’m not in clinic, I teach and train student osteopaths at Europe’s largest and oldest osteopathy school, the University College of Osteopathy. This means that I am also learning every day and never standing still; After all, if ‘motion is lotion and rest is rust’, why should I be immune?!

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